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Look no further for the highest quality and luxury units available in Alaska! Whether a sleek, clean, and roomy standard event unit is all you need for your backyard BBQ or a clean large capacity trailer is needed for the next big concert. We provide many different style units, available with running water, electricity, heating, and lights. To luxury trailer units that show your guest every thoughtful detail is accounted for. The advantage of our event units is more than just convenience; it allows you to turn Alaska's brilliant landscapes into a perfectly functioning and most memorable scene. Call us today for the many options to compliment your event!

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Looking for handicap accessible or fully ADA compliant units? Our Handicap assessable units have ample room for guest with walkers or wheelchairs while having a smaller footprint when space is a premium. Our fully ADA compliant units have enough room for a wheelchair and a health care aid as well. We provide rentals that insure each guest is accommodated.